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In 1910, Ionia, Goddess of Mystery, was the pre-eminent female magician of her time.  At the age of twenty-two, she began touring around the European continent with a large illusion show.  It was a no-expense-spared theatrical production with a cast of several people, exotic animals, custom scenery, and colorful lithograph posters.  Yet, in 1913, after a few years of performances and rave reviews, she vanished without a trace. 


Who was Ionia?        Where did she go?       Why was she in Russia?


Clementine’s history is a collage of enticing mysteries.  Discover her dramatic journey of transformation from Ionia the magician to Princess Clementine Eristavi Tchitcherine.  You hold the key.  Read this book.  Unlock her secrets.


The only book with the complete story of Ionia and all those in her close orbit.


- Julia Ferrett - Illusionist Okita

- Charles de Vere - Master magician and inventor

- Clementine de Vere - Ionia

- Herman Weedon - American lion tamer

- Frank Weedon - Son of Clementine and Herman

- Houdini and Charles de Vere

- Elise de Vere - Paris cabaret sensation

- Frank Godsol - American Millionaire

- Vladimir Eristavi Tchitherine -  Prince


All of them deseve their own book, but there is more.


- Stone Lithography - fully explained

- Paris' Belle Epoque - Clementine's model photos

- Ionia's travel schedule and reviews

- Ionia's bear attack - Read the trial record

- Ionia posters - See all eleven known posters

- Clementine's Paris operations

- The F.B.I. files

- Clementine in America

- The Russian Dossier- Learn of Clementine's time in Russia

- A second Okita - Who was this reincarnation?

- Clementine's exclusive and secret French Rivera villa.


All this and more in 330 pages with over 180 images.  Most of these images have not been seen in more than 100 years.

Ionia - Magician Princess - Secrets Unlocked

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