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Charles Greene III
Corporate Magician
Magical Author

Charles Greene III creates magical marketing presentations to promote the products of his clients, which include American Express, Frito-Lay, and Johnson & Johnson.  From trade shows to conference stages, his clients have taken him to thirteen different countries. So unique is his work for corporations, he’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine. 

Charles is a magician’s magician who has been tutored by Doug Henning, awarded by Siegfried and Roy, and selected as a guest docent in David Copperfield’s exclusive International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts.  The International Brotherhood of Magicians has awarded Charles as America’s best close-up magician.  The top four magic industry journals have featured Charles as their cover story.  He’s performed at Hollywood’s The Magic Castle, and he is a gold star member of London’s The Magic Circle.


In the area of magic history, Charles is a respected collector.  His home in Washington, DC houses the largest private collection of vintage magic posters in the city.  Through his site he shares information about magic posters from 1890 - 1930.  At history conferences in Europe and the U.S., he has spoken on the subjects of poster collecting, stone lithography, and poster restoration.

Born in Hackensack, New Jersey, Charles was inspired by live magic performances he witnessed in the tri-state area.  Charles began his own journey into conjuring at his local book store and public library.  Soon, with a magic show designed to amuse and amaze, he traveled throughout the Garden State, eventually landing on stage at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.  Eventually, Charles' magical journey took him from the theatrical stage to corporate boardrooms where his now presents company marketing information at trade shows and sales meetings.


Ionia - Magician Princess - Secrets Unlocked is his first book.  In 2023, Charles wrote his second book, A Complete History of Friedländer Lithography.  His future literary projects include writing about Alice Roosevelt, the president’s daughter who performed magic shows in The White House.

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