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Female Magicians

Magicians have entertained audiences for millennia.  From thousands of performers throughout the ages, we only know of a relative few.  Though both genders performed magic, female magicians received less recognition; lack of skill or ability was never the reason.  In the days of Okita and Ionia, there was a spectrum of women who developed their talent for magic, including several who were unique practitioners in their realm: Queen Henriette of Belgium and Alice Roosevelt, daughter of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt.  

There have always been and there will always be women who perform magic.  If you can only think of a few, be inspired by the largest recognition of female magicians ever, more than 400 listed names, representing the past and the present, in Ionia Magician Princess Secrets Unlocked

For a glimpse of two masters of magic, take a look at Alexandra Duvivier of France and Jade Tjin of The U.S.  Both women are shining examples practiced skill and performance in the art of magic.  Watch their performances and be amazed.

Alexandra Duvivier - Close-up magic

Alexandra is one of the world's top close-magic.  She's fooled Penn & Teller and is a star at conventions around the globe.

Jade - Stage Illusionist

Jade, probably the most famous female magician working today, emphasizes her act's beauty, grace, and "exotic allure." -

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